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You've been in the corporate world for a while and you've come to realize you're not made for it. You lack the passion and motivation to move up the corporate ladder. And you feel you're wasting your time, talents and energy on something you don't enjoy.

You want to start a business but you don't know what kind of business to start. You're also concerned about taking the leap and giving up the security of your corporate job.

I want you to know that you CAN start a business, make it successful AND enjoy it. And I also want you to know that you don't have to give up your corporate job to start your business. You can actually start the journey right away while you are still at your job and build your way towards a smooth and fun transition.

Dream big...Take tiny steps!

My name is Vincent Eid, and I help professionals who are fed up with the corporate world choose and start a business that brings them freedom, meaning, and adventure.

Start Your Business Adventure

I created the business adventure plan for professionals who are fed up with the corporate world.

A simple and proven journey to decide and start your business adventure.


Know your unique power, purpose and passions, as well as what tends to hold you back.


Get clear on the business you want to start by knowing what's possible and then making a conscious choice with your heart and mind.


Build the mindset you need, your support system, and your strategic action plan.


Start your business and keep on moving with focus, meaning, fun and excitement.

1- Know Yourself

Before you can choose the right business adventure you have to really know yourself!

I'll help you uncover the impact you want to make (aka your purpose), your passions, and powers.

I'll also help you become aware of your life circumstances, your patterns and what tends to hold you back.

You'll gain invaluable self-awareness about what you want your business adventure to look like.

2- Decide Your Adventure

Deciding on the right business adventure is a crucial step!

I'll first help you uncover possibilities you couldn't see before.

We'll then assess each possibility and I'll help you choose the right business adventure that's aligned with your heart and mind.

You'll be able to decide your business adventure that will bring you freedom, meaning and excitement.

3- Build Your Foundation

There are 4 key things you need in your business foundation to keep you moving forward with consistency and confidence:

  • Your mindset - so you eliminate distractions and maximize focus and energy
  • Your strategic plan and goals - so you always know where you are in your journey
  • Your accountability system - so you consistently take tiny steps
  • Your support system - so you move faster and farther

I'll help you build all of that!

4- Start Your Adventure

I'll support you to start your business with confidence and courage.

I'll hold you accountable for weekly actions and we'll celebrate your progress and transformation!

I'll help you recover when you drift or get stuck, so you keep on moving forward with fun and excitement.

We'll be able to identify the timeline that is right for you to take the leap from your corporate job, in a way that makes your transition smooth and easy.

Your Next Step

If you’re ready to explore your business adventure, then let’s talk!

Here’s what we’ll achieve together during your complimentary Explore Your Business Adventure Strategy Session:

  • Create a clear vision of how your dream business adventure can become a reality.
  • Discover the hidden challenges stopping you from taking actions in starting your business adventure.
  • Create a tailored action plan that will allow you to start YOUR unique business adventure.
  • Explore how I can best support you with your business adventure.

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I look forward to speaking with you soon! 

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