Meet Vincent

You're fed up with the corporate world. You crave freedom, meaning and adventure. And you know you want to start your own business as the way to get that.

But how do you decide what kind of business to start? And how do you start moving forward with your business adventure without fear, doubt and overwhelm getting in the way? 

My name is Vincent Eid and I guide professionals who are fed up with the corporate world to tap into their unique power and start a business that brings them freedom, meaning and adventure.

Even after my first years in the corporate world, I was already craving that sense of meaning, freedom, and adventure. So I went for an MBA to explore new possibilities and ended up landing an amazing job in a new country, a new industry, a new function and in my dream sports company. I was so excited!

Six months later, even though I was doing really well at my job, I was back to square one.

I realized that the corporate world is not for me, and I'm really not interested in moving up the corporate ladder. 

I felt stuck! What else can I do? What's next for me? What do I really want?

I knew that I had to start by knowing myself and getting clarity on my direction in life.

That's when it became clear to me that freedom, meaning, and adventure are my core values in life and there's no way for me to feel fulfilled without honoring them. And I realized the only way I could satisfy my need for adventure and fulfillment was by starting my own business.

It felt scary! I thought I would have to make radical changes right away and take big risks if I wanted to start a business. 

The truth is you can start your business while you're working. The key is to build the strategic foundation for your business, so when you do leave your job, you can make the transition smoother and easier.

Dream Big and Take Tiny Steps.

So I kept my corporate job and enrolled in the CTI coaching training program on the side.

Month after month, I kept on building the foundation for my coaching skills and business while working in my corporate job. It was a fun journey of learning, creativity and connection, without feeling the financial pressure of starting a business.

And there was never a perfect time. During the same period, my grandma passed away, COVID was at its peak, my first baby girl was born,  and my parents lost their jobs back home.  While this slowed me down, I kept on moving forward.

My passion, commitment and strong foundation kept me moving forward no matter what was happening around me.

For me, life is an adventure. And the journey towards success has to be fun.

If you've been dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur, I want you to know something.

Starting a business is the greatest adventure you'll ever have! And you can do it, while continuing to work in your corporate job.

You have the power within you to create an adventure that fulfills you!

It all starts by getting clear on your unique power and potential. Unfortunately, we're often too close to ourselves to see what that is. And we don't know how to transform that power into an exciting business that's perfect for us.

If you want to chat and explore how I can help you knowing yourself, deciding your adventure, building your foundation and starting your business adventure, click here or on the button below for a complimentary Explore Your Business Adventure Strategy Session.

You’ll discover some exciting opportunities you may not see, and get valuable insight into what’s really getting in the way of you moving forward. You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap of action steps you can take to reach your goals. And if it looks like a good match, I’ll be happy to share how I can support you. No hype, no pressure. That’s just not my style.

Take care and we'll talk soon!


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